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Jumbo Display: FIT 901DB: : 6 inch Flow display, 2 inch Totalizer
Jumbo Display: Dual 4-inch: : Customized Dual 4-inch display
Jumbo Display: Hexa 6-inch: : Customized 6-inch display for Agro industry
Jumbo Display: Dual Temp-RH: : Dual 4-inch display
Jumbo Display: LMS: : Load Monitoring System for Power Optimization
Jumbo Display: Dual Display 4-inch display: : Compact, Sleek design for generic Dual 4-inch display
Jumbo Display: ESD 901A: : Single input indicator in 1-inch display height
Jumbo Display: ESD 901B: : Single input indicator in 2-inch display height
Jumbo Display: ESD 901C: : Single input indicator in 4-inch display height
Jumbo Display: ESD 901D: : Single input indicator in 6-inch display height
Jumbo Display: ESD 901E: : Single input indicator in 8-inch display height
Jumbo Display: ESD 901G: : Single input indicator in 12-inch display height
Super Size Alarm Annunciator : Eight input with 215 x 100 mm each Window size
Tact Time : Present Tact Time and Average of last 5 Tact Time
Forging Billet Temperature with 6 digit Counter:
Temperature Humidity Indicator with RS485 Modbus RTU:
Control Panel with ESD901D displays:
Temperature Humidity in 2 inch display (ESD-Sleek-901B):

Jumbo Display is an instrument that displays any process value to be viewed from a distance. Jumbo Display can be single, or consist of multiple channels. ESD has many options in Jumbo Display category.

How does a Jumbo Display work?
Jumbo Display uses a micro-controller, a big height super bright seven segment red LED display which is visible even in broad daylight. Jumbo Display can either interface with a computer and use software to view and analyze the collected data or be used as a stand-alone device with a local interface or connect via RS485 two wire interface or wirelessly to a device and/or Cloud Server.
The advantage of Jumbo Display is that they can operate independently of a computer. Jumbo Displays are available in various sizes ranging from 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, 16 inches height. The height of the display depends on the visibility required in the plant. The most common inputs to Jumbo Display are Temperature, Pressure, Humidity, Voltage, Current or any Digital Event, Process Counters. Jumbo Display are widely used in production units to count the Production rate, display Lead/Lag. ESD make Jumbo Display are known for its relability, repeatablitiy, robust and proven field performance over the years. All the Jumbo Display projects are customized based on user requirements. Some of the projects are displayed above.